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Want to know a little more about my story?

I am Rachel, and I have been behind the lens since I was 12 years old, from a pastel pink Canon Elph digital camera, snapping macro pictures of the center of flower, to now capturing a variety so wide it scopes from children birthday parties, to business events, and large galas. My heart behind the lens is to also live my most authentic life, to live creatively, and capture creatively. What is more satisfying than living your passion and making money while you love it? Oh and meeting new people! This is like the perfect gig for this extrovert right here!

My goal is to make every person I work with either one step closer to their own goals, like they got those shots they have always wanted, or that they feel absolutely stunning and begin to see their true beauty. I want each experience to be memorable, for a shoot to be filled with laughter, comfortability, and creativity, where we can work together to create something truly unique and beautiful.

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xx Love Rach

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