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Through her eyes

This project was a statement of focused on Jean’s eyes as the paint represents what stereotypes she is portrayed as, in her culture as an African women born in Botswana. As you see the photos the focus in the end is her eyes, who she truly is above what she is painted to be.

Model Samantha Jean Fraser // Photography: Rachel Pfuetzner// Makeup: Rachel Pfuetzner // Creative Direction: Rachel Pfuetzner // Final Design: Rachel Pfuetzner // September 2017

Here are some more collections of previous work in albums


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Mango + Moose

Logo Design for Mango + Moose

November 2018

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Boketto photography

Logo and ReBrand October 2018

Pines bible camp

Summer 2018 logo

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Pura Vida Villas

Design Banner for Air BNB August 2018

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RPF Creative

My Brand and Design is all my own work

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Connect 4 Gen

Logo Design for company in South Africa.

October 2017